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What is Potty Plan?


Potty Plan is a parent-led, proactive routine based method for infant potty training (0-12months). That means – parents take the lead and offer their babies assistance to go to the bathroom following a natural elimination routine. Babies quickly learn routines and this routine fits into their wake-sleep cycles. As baby ages, it usually settles into our food-time cycles. Routines help baby understand their world giving them a sense of predictability. By offering assistance and an opportunity to go to the toilet, parents can meet all of babies needs including toileting.


There are many benefits to following this routine based approach both for baby and parents.


Easy & Fun

• Easy natural routine to follow
• Easy at home or out and about
• Fun and rewarding
• Both parents can participate
• Routine establishes regular and predictable bowel movements



• Less chance of nappy-rash
• Less chance of constipation related issues
• Less chance of urinary tract infections



  • Less mess to clean up

  • Less chance of soiled clothing or bedding

  • The stool is placed in the toilet where it belongs

  • Soiled nappies are not in your household rubbish (less smell)

  • Less chance your baby will soil herself

  • Fewer stains in cloth nappies 



  • This image shows a washed-up nappy - intact with seaweed!

  • Disposable nappies account for 1-2% of the worlds non-biodegradable waste

  • The decomposition rate of a diaper is around 500 years

  • Following Potty Plan, you'll use half as many disposables

  • Following Potty Plan and using cloth nappies if your most sustainable approach

  • Less requirement for other products that support the longer-term readiness approach.


Bonding & Communication

  • Communication with your baby is so important right from birth – a key component in Potty Plan

  • Assistance with toileting will further build trust

  • Positive messages

  • Creating a normal platform for toileting

  • Routine and consistency provide security 



  • You’ll use fewer nappies (if using disposables)

  • You’ll use fewer wipes (if using wipes)

  • You won’t need a diaper bucket system to disguise or hide smelly diapers


So many reasons to start infant Potty Training


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I hope you will get a lot of benefit from this Potty Training method.


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