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Pottying baby while travelling or hiking. Tips, tricks and hacks.

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Leave the nappies at home and pack a potty. Photo: Sonia Barrish

Nappies can be bulky to travel with, and what do you do with the dirty ones? Here are some tips tried and tested. Acknowledgements to Sonia Barish (Potty Plan Facilitator, www.backtothewild.co.nz), Heidi Avelino (Ecpeesy.com), Rebecca Larsen (Potty Plan Facilitator).

Don't let having a baby stop your adventures

Before any hike or travel, work on establishing your toileting routine with baby. Treat nappies/diapers as back-up. Offering the toilet on a regular basis will help establish this normal elimination pattern for baby so that when you are off hiking, in airports or travelling with baby toileting is as normal for you as it is for baby.

Once you have established a reliable pattern for your babies poop, you could consider a hike diaper-free. Choose quick-dry clothing and offer regular toilet breaks. You won't need to carry dirty nappies around saving unnecessary weight on your hike. Your baby’s used nappies could weigh around 4kg and take up around 20-litres of pack space.

A variety of toilets

When you are out with baby, take the opportunity to visit bathrooms and offer the opportunity to your little one. Make this process normal and positive. If you are not comfortable in public washrooms, this feeling will rub off on your child. Try and keep this experience positive while being hygienic. Packing your own potty is also an option and sometimes easier. Simply discard the waste and use your wipes. If you've established a toilet routine with your baby, you will likely know when they will need to poop.

Packing a potty

Packing a potty for your trip will provide handy if needed during the night, off the beaten track or if toilets are unreliable. If hiking, carry it in a dry bag clipped to the outside of your pack. Many small potties will fit inside a carry bag and can easily be cleaned on the go.

Stop often

Offering frequent toilet opportunities will help baby feel comfortable. If this is not possible, focus your toileting efforts on the time your child usually poops and use nappies as back-up. Remember that babies will need to wee more frequently than adults.

Night needs

When babies stir in the night, it’s often a sign they need to pee. Learn this cue and you may not even need the diaper/nappy. Babies can be held out to pee even when they are half asleep. Instinct kicks in, and as long as they are relaxed they will eliminate.

Travelling with cloth by Heidi Avelino

Check out all the tips and hacks provided by Heidi in her video 'Cloth Travel. How to, Tips, Tricks, Hacks'

The Avelino family of four is travelling the world full-time. Heidi has been cloth diapering her toddler for the past six months of long-term travel. The tips in this article apply whether you are travelling internationally with cloth diapers or taking cloth diapers on a weekend get-away.

Follow this link for the full article: https://www.ecpeesy.com/cloth-diapering-while-traveling-vacation/ Click the image below to watch the video.

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