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Why we EC wall of fame

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Parents all over the world are moving toward the mindful method of infant potty learning (elimination communication) – here are some of the reasons why they have chosen EC alongside babies who are 'poo-forming' well.

Make Awesome Baby – 8 months

For me it was the respect and care I should have for my child. If she's hungry I'll feed her, if she's cold I'll put more clothes on her, if she's tired I'll put her to sleep, if she wants to do a poo I'll take her to the potty instead of letting her sit in her waste. It's all about caring for their needs.

Fantastic Baby – 15 weeks

For me it was learning that EC is the 'done thing' in other cultures and that you don't need to wait to introduce the potty. I honestly had no idea and potty training wasn't even on my radar until a chance meeting with a lady visiting my playgroup told me in their hometown in India they introduce the potty at 5 months.

Boom Baby – 1 week

For me it made sense, and wrapping my baby in a diaper to use as a toilet did not. When I heard about it, I thought wow – that is so considerate of the baby and the toilet process was learned gently, gradually and in such a mindful manner.

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