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Potty Training Tracker App

The Potty Training Tracker is a new free App by Nyssa Wilfong which helps tracking toilet training data much easier. We've linked up with Nyssa to share her App and explain to you why she created it.

I’m a mom of a two year old and a newborn living in Ontario, Canada. Early this year I started potty-training my toddler, and I was looking for a way to track the timing of her potty events. I looked into the available potty training apps, but most were aimed at the child rather than recording data.

At the time I was also pregnant with my second, and knew I wanted to do elimination communication with her. I figured if I created an app which allowed for tracking potty times, I’d be able to use it both with the potty training and EC.

That’s how the Potty Training Tracker was born. It allows for tracking pees and poos by time, and graphically displays the most common times the child “goes”. You can also track food and drinks, so you can see how long after eating or drinking your little one needs to use the potty.

I started using Elimination Communication Babies – Potty Plan with my newborn when she was a couple of weeks old and it’s such a straightforward method! I’ve been combining it with tracking via the app and it’s given me a good idea of her typical daily patterns, so I can better predict when she needs to use the potty.  I’m so happy to be able to have less laundry and less waste with my second daughter!







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