Kiwi Mum and the Ice-Cream Container Potty – Diary of an elimination communication baby

COVID-19 hit's New Zealand shores and in no time at all the country is in full lockdown. Families are instructed to isolate at home in their 'bubble' meaning, only interact with the members from your immediate household for four weeks.

Hazel was keen to try elimination communication with her 3-week-old son. Without the ability to go shopping, she 'makes-do' with an ice cream container to use as a potty. At this age, babies are typically 'held out' over a top hat potty, a sink, a flat bottom bucket - or anything comfortable.

We're so lucky that Hazel is sharing her elimination journey with us.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Meet this little champ. Ready for this world and the potty.

My son is 2.5 weeks old and I started him on the 'potty' 2 days ago. Since then almost all his poos have been in an ice-cream container as well as a good volume of pee. I hold him over the container after each feed (each side) and he almost always has a pee and a poop. Before I started this he was leaking through his cloth nappies and I was thinking about how I could boost them, they are now damp, but not saturated, at each change. Whahoo for less clothing changes! And yes! His potty is currently an ice cream container!💩🍦

EC has been so beneficial to us already. It beats scrubbing dirty nappies and getting poo off his bum.

His bottom is so much softer and the skin is in much better condition. Before we started EC the skin on his bottom was starting to get red and angry and I had just started using Sudocream to prevent nappy rash.

With poops in the potty (or cleaned off immediately after they happen), his bottom has gone back to being smooth and soft.

The potty time is also good airing time. Any pee that goes in the potty reduces the amount in the nappy and also helps to keep his bottom drier for longer.

Look how quickly I am growing! Mum was pleased to catch my 'big one' today - which I had been brewing for 5 days! Beats a blow-out! EC all the way!

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