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An open letter to parents with infants

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Dear Parents ,

To be honest, this is kind of a weird thing to talk about, but it's time to talk poo with you.

As parents we have to deal with so much crap, and I mean that real stinky stuff... and I'd like to share with you all another approach on how to deal with that. A cleaner, cheaper, easier and fun way to wipe up that mess.

It's your choice, and whichever way you go will be the right decision for you. It's important for you to know the options. You basically have a few choices when it comes to potty training. The most common these days I call 'readiness' and I would like to talk to you about this new method we're calling 'Potty Plan'. Keen to know more?

Readiness: You wait until you think your child is ready – then start to encourage a sudden change of habit when they are wonderful will-full toddlers. This 'child-led' reactive approach usually has your little one controlling their pee first. You'll be changing poop in pants for a few years with 'readiness'.

PottyPlan: You take the proactive parent-led approach and introduce the potty either from birth or around 6 months in an easy to follow routine that follows their natural elimination patterns. Your baby will learn to control their poo first – a huge win, as less mess for you! Bonus.

We've taken our two boys through the Potty Plan method, and let me dispel the myth that boys are difficult to potty train right here. They both learned within the first week or two of their life to put the poo in the potty – and they were wearing underwear around 18 months. That meant a lot of savings for us – and less consumption of nappies too. If you're passionate about the environment then Potty Plan alongside cloth nappies would be your best plan – and you'll mostly be washing just wet nappies.

Now, if saving money, being more sustainable aren't enough – then let me tell you how fun this is too.

Your little one falls pretty quickly into a poo routine which means you won't be caught out. For all you busy parents, this is good news and seeing your little one succeed with Potty Plan is super fun.

Just think... no more stink. Hope I've given you another approach to consider – join us over at Potty Plan on Facebook, or online at PottyPlan.com and pick up our book.

We can't wait to talk poo with you!

Bec and Mike

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