By the age of 1 week old he had already started to use the potty.

Our second baby was born a healthy 10lb – eager and ready. Now with two boys under two... boy-oh-boy, we sure had our hands full.

Both boys were ferocious eaters. Both were breastfed and self-weaned around age one. In the early days we followed their hunger and sleep cues, and settled them into a fairly consistent routine. We discussed things like parent-led sleep training and baby-led weaning, among other things, with our parent friends. And, we discussed poo more than I ever imagined!. But there was one thing in our home we tried that differed from most of our parent peers.

A few days after birth, both of our sons began a parent-led approach to potty training. Day one was to learn to latch and drink. Lucky for us it did not take long to master that. Babies seek comfort in routine and our pattern became to Eat, Burp, Potty, Play, Sleep. Yes, ‘potty’ became a part of the routine as soon as we were comfortable at home and baby was eating and eliminating regularly.

Both of our boys, by the time they were a week old, had learned to do both pee and poo in a potty-type receptacle shortly after a feeding. Our first son graduated to wearing underwear during the daytime by his 18th month which meant only our newborn was wearing diapers. While there was the occasional mess to deal with in the early days, life was not too messy.

At first, when we shared our success with our families, we got some unbelieving smirks and many questions. 'How are you doing this?' 'I didn't know babies could learn this.' 'Why are you doing this?' 'Isn’t it more work?' When they saw how easy it was, they were on board and just as amazed and proud as we were. We had no need for diaper bags or diaper buckets. Our babies never experienced diaper rash. The potty routine was so predictable that we knew when our boys needed to go. It was just as easy understanding this as knowing when to feed them. Our boys understood where to go – even when we were out and about. Before they reached the age of one, our babies had both used toilets in aeroplanes. By teaching them, I felt freedom in knowing I could take them into a normal bathroom anywhere we went.

Our boys both started full-time daycare at age one. Their daycare continued to allow them to use the potty and we experienced minimal set-backs. If you can see the benefits of this parent-led approach, I encourage you to learn more about it. You will be amazed at how easy it is! Check out Potty Plan for an affordable, quick and easy read.

Potty Plan is great if:

• You want to avoid potential rash and irritation from diapering

• You care about your environmental impact

• You want to save money

• You have the ability to spend one-to-one time with your baby during the first year.

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