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Potty Plan teaches toilet training for babies.

Get on the potty trend


Did you know that you can teach very young babies toilet awareness, have them ready to sit on the potty by the time they are sitting up and eating solids, and be out of nappies/diapers well before most people begin potty training their toddlers?

Potty Plan is natural and safe. With Potty Plan you consistently apply a routine giving your baby an opportunity to eliminate in the proper manner. It's easy to learn and manage.

Potty Plan is a proactive parent-led approach to toilet training which babies learn quickly with consistent encouragement and practice. As a bonus, it is a more sustainable approach and will save you a lot of money too.

Potty Plan book cover.
Toddler on a potty.
Mother holding a toy, baby on a potty.
Smile on sleeping baby.
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