What if... learning potty was a natural and easy process?

Introducing our 10-day Facebook challenge,
learn elimination communication + cloth.
Become self-sufficient and not reliant on disposables while assisting baby in healthy elimination.
This is for you if you understand the benefits of following an instinctual, natural approach even if you're a parent with a lot going on. 

We've set this up for you!
And we hope you join us!


  • Starts 10 August, (9 April US) 

  • Ideally for parents with a baby 0-6 mths

    • Facebook live sessions, Q&A (Recorded for replay) 
  • Experienced coaches with Kiwi accents

  • EC for all ages/stages

  • Observation and Communication

  • Night-time EC

  • Hiking/Tramping with an EC Baby

  • A Dad's perspective

  • Out and about with an EC Baby

  • Ongoing group support

  • Only $20 for 10 days and includes a free book

If you're in self-isolation / lockdown, now is the perfect time to become
self-sufficient and learn with us.